A view from Umbria, Italy

The following articles are written by Rebecca Winke, an American living in a 16th century Italian farmhouse in Umbria. To quote her:

' ... maybe I would just jot down life in Italy as I see it from time to time and see where that gets me.'

The same family has worked this farm for more than eight generations, and some of the property has been converted into apartments offering get-away-from-it-all holidays just a few miles from the mediaeval city of Assisi. You'll find information on the Brigolante apartments here.

These pieces appeared first on the excellent SlowTrav site, indeed it was Pauline who convinced Rebecca to put pen to paper and publish her work under the heading 'Rebecca's View'. Many thanks to Pauline for readily agreeing to us reproducing them here.

Below you'll find links to the various articles*:


Arrival in Umbria

Common myths and misconceptions regarding Italian culture fostered by guidebooks


Youth - growing up in Italy

Four letter words - culture 'n cursing

Ode to Italy - 10 years of living in Italy

Death and ...

Life in Bedford Falls - Old World v New World

Oh, what I gould give to be Canadian!

Pomp, circumstance, and darn good canapés

Umbrian women don't burn bras, they iron them

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Life in Bedford Falls - Old World v New World, Part II

The Heir and the Spare

The Umbrian Sagra Survival Guide

To Dream the Impossible Dream

Breaking up is hard to do

* It doesn't go without saying, so we'll say it: the opinions, interpretations and observations are the authors' own, and do not necessarily represent those of knowital.com/Ginestra Internet. Apart from the bit about Alessandra Mussolini.

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