Reasons To Choose Kerry Walking Tours for Italy

If you are ever fortunate enough to go to Italy, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not only can you take trains to different locations, but you can also go on walking tours. Once you arrive at some of the cities, there are trips that will take you through the metropolitan areas. You will also be able to see beautiful architecture and walk throughout the lush countryside. Some of these are managed by top businesses that offer tours. One of those is going to be Kerry Walking Tours. Here are some of the top places that you should consider visiting while in Italy that offer exceptional walking tours.

Cinque Terre Walking Tours

This is a unique location, one that consists of many different villages and towns that are along the Italian Riviera. You will get to see harbors, steep terraces, and exceptional vineyards that will be are inspiring. The locals will be very friendly, and you will see professional fisherman out on their boats, providing the exceptional meals that you will have access to while you are there. It is highly recommended that you go on the Sentiero Azzurro hiking trail which goes along the cliff side, giving you a view of the beautiful homes and scenic vistas, coupled with a view of the waters below. Another location that you should visit is the region of Tuscany. County Kerry

A Walk Through Tuscany

There are so many places that offer beautiful landscapes that you can walk through in one of the best in Tuscany. There are both walking and hiking tours, taking you through hilltowns that have landscapes such as Montalcino and Montepulciano. Most people will begin in the medieval city of Siena, subsequently leading to Pienza and San Quirico. This is one of the locations that will remind you the most of all of the scenic landscapes that have been used in films depicting the beautiful Italian countryside. Among those scenic landscapes will be the astounding Dolomites. Kerry

Walk Amidst The Dolomites

For those that are hiking enthusiasts, you can see the Dolomites that are near Veneto. Once you arrive in South Tyrol, hopefully during the summer season, you are going to see these towering mountain ranges. Some of the hiking is designed for those that prefer to walk, whereas others will take you higher if you are able and willing. At an elevation of over 10,000 feet, you will get to see Italy from a vantage point that will be very memorable.

A Walk Through The Most Famous Cities

A trip to Italy would not be complete without a walking tour of some of the most famous and populous locations. This would include a walk through the city of Rome, followed by a tour of Pompeii to the south. If you are in the northern region of Italy, a tour through Venice will be at the top of your list. From there, you could head to the west and do a walking tour through Pisa. Finally, you absolutely need to walk through the iconic city of Florence which has some of the most notable structures in the country including the enormous Duomo Cathedral.

Reasons You Should Visit Como

Como is a location that may not be one of the most popular destinations, but it will certainly be a place you will want to return to. It is situated at the bottom of Lake Como, located in northern Italy, and is known for the beautiful lake and the astounding architecture. Some of the most popular sites will include the Gothic Como Cathedral, as well as the beautiful waterfront promenade. Your tour may take you through the Tempio Voltiano museum, and also the Lakeside Gardens, all of which will take you wonder why this is not a much more popular destination. Some people will also include boat tours that will take you across the lake which is absolutely magnificent. Overall, it is going to be a destination that you will want to revisit in the future. tourist-information-office-Killarney

Why You Should Choose To Work With Kerry Walking Tours

When you are working with a company such as Kerry Walking Tours, you will be in good hands. Not only are the price is reasonable, but they offer some of the most comprehensive tours throughout the country of Italy. Whether you are looking for those that will take you into the rolling countrysides, or into the beautiful cities, you will not be disappointed. They will ensure that you will have a memorable time, allowing you to walk at your pace, taking in the architecture and surroundings that Italy is known for.

If you have been thinking about going to Italy, you absolutely need to include a walking tour of the many destinations that you will visit. Whether you had South to Naples and Sorrento, or go along the East Coast to see San Marino and Venice, you will have an exceptional time. If you do get to spend time in Rome, Florence, or see the beautiful lakes in Como, the walking tours will be the highlight of your trip. If you are on a guided tour, you can also learn about the history of your surroundings, and the structures that you will see, helping you to understand more about this country. To find out more about Kerry Walking Tours for Italy, you can contact them today to coordinate these with your trip.