Why Lanzarote Property Sales are Booming

It is difficult to understand why someone looking for a property investment would ignore the beauty and potential of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Firstly the investment grade accommodation market is booming on the Islands.

But the question is why are Lanzarote property sales exhibiting such strong growth?

There are numerous reasons for this. Of course, there is the wild and sometimes otherworldly beauty of the destination. For instance, a trip to Timanfaya National Park will reveal a volcanic landscape which is just about as close to resembling the lunar surface as is possible on this planet. in fact so close is it that the Apollo 17 crew spend time training here for the challenges that they would encounter on the surface of the moon.

Then, of course, there is the weather. Of course, Lanzarote has the odd gloomy day and storms sometimes sweep the islands, however, these days are few and far between. For the majority of the year, the average temperature hovers around the 22-degree mark, perfect for enjoying the sun and sea.

The architecture on the island also has investors spellbound. Much of the design was heavily influenced by César Manrique who was not only a gifted architect but also a committed environmentalist and artist. However, Manrique’s influence extended far beyond the architectural gems he inspired. These are worthy of a visit seeing as many of them now house chic bars and highly regarded restaurants – however, his lasting gift to Lanzarote and the Canary Islands was his conviction that high rise developments should be avoided. Eventually, he won the support of those in charge.

This means that Lanzarote and the islands have been spared some of the worst excesses of tourism that have blighted many of the popular destinations on the European coastline where high rise resort hotels can blot out the sun and spoil the views for those who choose to travel to these tourist hot spots. In fact, there is only one high rise – the ‘Arrecife Grand Hotel’.

There is another reason that Lanzarote Property sales are steadily increasing. It is one that is absolutely essential to many people who want to enjoy their increasingly rare opportunities to relax. That is the cuisine of the destination. Lanzarote boasts some fantastic opportunities for dining. there is, of course, the famous ‘El Diablo’ where meat is grilled over a pit heated to ferocious levels by the molten rock that is found in the depths of the Islote de Hilario volcano.

For a more upmarket experience, those in search of exceptional cuisine can visit Isla de Lobos in the 5-star’ star Princesa Yaiza’ hotel.

It’s not only the meals that will bring a smile to the visitor or property owners face. The black volcanic vineyards that are to be found in La Geria are well worth the visit. Wineries such as ‘El Grifo’ produce some excellent dry whites and some world-class dessert wines. the dry whites, in particular, are perfect to enjoy with the fresh seafood that is available across the islands.

There are plenty of other opportunities to simply unwind in any number of bistros and bars that can be found in abundance across the Canaries. This is one of the charms of spending time on the islands. It is a place that has something for everyone. The pace can be as sedate or as adrenaline pounding as one wishes.

Attractions for those who want to experience that adrenaline filled experience include some of the best off-road biking trails in the world. however, there are plenty of other opportunities for those who enjoy a more active approach to their leisure time. The Canaries have become renowned for surfing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kiteboarding.

Of course, the fact that British investors are only a hop skip and a jump away from the Canaries is another reason that Lanzarote property sales are booming. Cheap flights are available from almost any airport in the British Isles and flight time is quick, in contrast with other far-flung destinations across the globe.

Why are Investment Properties in Lanzarote are so Attractive 

But there are numerous other reasons that investment in property is so attractive. In contrast to many countries in mainland Europe, Lanzarote has remained a firm favourite with travelers for at least four decades. This means that rental yields have remained consistent. The balmy weather has also contributed to making this destination attractive for 12 months of the year. even during the depths of the global credit crisis and recession Lanzarote continued to attract in excess of 2 million tourists every year. While other tourist destinations suffered Lanzarote was thriving. However, that is not to say that it was completely unaffected. housing prices did dip, but they are now recovering. this may make the purchase of a property extremely attractive right now.

Lanzarote property sales also present a fantastic opportunity for those who already reside in EU countries. As part of the Spanish owned Canary Islands, there are no restrictions for those EU citizens who want to make it their permanent home – or purchase a property.

Savvy property investors look for a return over the long term. Lanzarote has provided this due to extremely strict zoning laws that have prevented the rampant overdevelopment that has affected other popular European holiday destinations.

For those who have called the British Isles home for the majority of their lives traveling to far-flung destinations may be an exciting prospect. However, arriving in countries where the culture and language are completely unknown can be the recipe for some culture shock At the very least some acclimatization will be required. However, Lanzarote, with its Spanish lifestyle and language is comfortable to many who are used to visiting that other popular holiday destination. It is this familiarity that also makes it extremely attractive.

In short, Lanzarote is a perfect balance. There are the sun and the sea, there is excellent dining and fine wine. The pace can be frenetic or as sedate – depending on the individuals’ requirements. easy day trips and fascinating scenery. What more could one ask for? The time to but might be right now.